Intresserad av samarbete med Tuas Mega Port i Singapore och Keppel Marine & Offshore?

Swedocean har genom samarbete med Business Sweden i Singapore fått en förfrågan nedan från Tuas Mega Port och Keppel Marine & Offshore.

Intresserade medlemsföretag i Swedocean uppmanas att kontakta ordföranden Holger Eriksson eller ta direktkontakt med Emil Akander på Business Sweden,

Please do let us know if there are any of your members who would be interested in discussing further on the following projects. The collaboration models each company / project is looking for varies, and will require further validation upon confirming interest from your members and setting up introductory sessions with the Singapore companies.


Company Projects
Keppel Offshore & Marine (global leader in offshore rig design, construction and repair, ship repair and conversion, and specialised shipbuilding)
  • Hull form optimisation and hull air lubrication to improve fuel consumption
  • Extended dry docking
  • Electrical DC grid
  • Alternative fuels (i.e. LNG bunkering, ammonia / hydrogen fuel cells)
  • Asset care through digitalisation to improve maintenance of vessels
  • Connection arms for fixed and floating bodies
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

(Key driver of research and development in the maritime space)

  • Decarbonisation of shipping through low-carbon technologies and LNG bunkering
  • Traffic management for vessels to avoid collision (e.g. better algorithms, earlier detection mechanism)
  • Planning tools and technology to predict high risk areas / hot spots
  • Improving e-navigation and digital communications between ships
  • Enabling a digital port model through integrated platforms and exchange of information across ports, vessels etc
  • 5G infrastructure to support operations on ships and in ports (e.g. remote piloting, telemedicine)
Maritime Centers of Excellence in Singapore
  • Improving efficiency and enabling intelligent next generation port operations
  • Digital twin modelling to simulate port operations and maximise efficiency through planning
  • Standardisation of machine languages across hardware
  • Enabling smart fleet operations & autonomous vessels
  • Enhance predictability of operating environment in the sea
  • R&D to ensure safe and efficient operations of autonomous and remotely operated vessels
  • Increasing effectiveness of maritime safety & security
  • Leverage AR / VR and immersive learning tools for training seafarers
  • Developing unified standards & competencies for seafarers
  • Ensuring sustainable maritime environment & energy
  • Research into energy management and emission performance of harbour crafts
  • Study into alternative fuels and practicality of novel technologies


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